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  • My name is Pauline Martin, and I live in Indiana, in the United States. I was born in 1985.

    Initially, I got into maintaining computers and developing applications and utilities back around the turn of the century, mainly with Linux while studying Architecture.

    Previously I have worked in many different capacities, from web-developer to programmer to graphics design.   Over the years I have also acquired knowledge of a few programming languages.

    Please, send me a message if you would like to talk about hiring me on for a position, whether it is permanent, long-term, short-term, or freelance.

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  • Software

    Blender, Gimp, LibreOffice, Code::Blocks, Netbeans, Ogre, Bullet, Newton, Audacity, Ardour, LMMS, MySQL, Linux, autotools, cmake, scons, Windows, dpkg rpm, urpmi, yum, apt-get, rsync, rdist.

    Versions of Windows Include: 95, 2000/ME, XP, Vista, and Windows 7

    Some software I have used in the past include:

    Maya, AutoCad, 3DS Max, XenServer, Virtualbox, VMWare, Cinelerra, Kino, POV-Ray

    This list is not all inclusive.

  • Previously worked in Programming Languages, including current ones.

    Object-Oriented Programming Languages:
    C++, Java, Perl, Python, Php, Javascript

    Other Languages:
    Bash, C, CSS, Cobol, Fortran, HTML

    These lists may not be all inclusive.

  • Contact

    Pauline Martin

    For E-mail Regarding k9copy or other open source projects: 321eniluap@gmail.com

    For Inquiries, Requests, or to have me work for you please email me at: paulinemartin2012@gmail.com