• k9copy

  • K9copy-Reloaded is the continuation of K9copy. For reasons for why the original developer ceased developing K9copy see: HERE
    K9Copy facilitates several methods for backing up a DVD. The software enables direct backup of a single layer DVD-5 provided the user's computer has a DVD recorder. Likewise, direct backup of a dual layer DVD-9 is possible with a dual layer DVD recorder. K9Copy is able to fit the contents of a dual layer DVD-9 onto a single layer DVD-5. The interface allows a user to explicitly retain or discard any content from the original disc such as video titles, audio tracks, subtitles and the DVD menu. All content selected for backup is compressed to a configurable target size (4400 MB by default) and stored on the user's hard drive as either an ISO image file or a DVD VIDEO TS folder. K9Copy can either transfer the backup data to blank DVD±R media itself or utilize external DVD authoring software such as K3b for this task.Furthermore, an ISO image file produced by K9Copy can be recorded to DVD by any software on any platform capable of recording ISO images to disc. Functionality for backing up a DVD to a video file (such as MPEG-4) rather than a disc also exists in K9Copy :
    The interface allows the user to select the preferred encoder (either MEncoder or FFmpeg) and codec for video and audio compression as well as a target file size or bit rate for the resulting file. K9Copy includes basic DVD authoring capabilities.
    source : Wikipedia

  • Prerequisites as of Version 3.0.0

    • Optional: DVDAuthor
    • Optional: Cdrkit
    • Optional: MEncoder
    • Optional: MPlayer
    • Choice of Qt4 and Kde4 OR Qt5 and KF5
    • libxine
    • libmpeg2
    • libavcodec / libavformat / libswscale (ffmpeg libraries)
    • Major/Important Changes OR Changes Coming Soon

    • Fixed to build with the FFmpeg 2.0 development branch.
    • Choice of KF5 or Kde4
  • Looking to download the source:

    • How to install or build K9copy

    • The preferred method of install K9copy is through your OS/distribution's package management system, however at times it may be necessary to build it yourself.
    • To do so follow these simple steps:
    • Step 1: Extract the tarball, using for example tar -xf k9copy-*.tar.bz2
    • Step 2: Create a directory to build K9copy in, if building out of source.
    • Step 3: Change into the directory where you are going to be building K9copy.
    • Step 4: Pass to CMake the location and your choice of KDE4 or KF5, ie: cmake -DQT5_BUILD ..
    • Step 5: Compile K9copy with make(or gmake depending on your OS/distribution
    • Step 6: Optionally install with make or gmake.